on what christians are best at

We are the Church. We are the bride of Christ. We are a light to the world, a nation of priests, a royal people who were brought out of darkness so that we could share the light with other people. We are God’s people, we are the children of Abraham, we are the co-heirs of the Son of God, we are the ones who can see in Christ the very image of the invisible God.

Yet how far short we fall!

We Christians fall so far short of our fiancee Jesus Christ. We are not the most loving people in the world, not by a long shot. We are not the most intelligent, nor the wisest, nor the most charitable. We are not the most pious, nor the most willing to do good. We are not the most welcoming, nor the most hard-working, not the most honest or the most humble. We are not the best at witholding judgement, nor are we the best at keeping promises.

What then is ours?

We are the most beloved in the world of the living God – that despite our shortcomings. We are the most forgiven people in the world. No effort or lack thereof, on our part or any other’s, will change that fact – because of Jesus.

And, I believe, intimate knowledge of that fact will give us new energy to live up to the calling we have, to be like our fiancee Jesus Christ. Will it make us excel? Maybe, maybe not. But no matter what we will always be the most forgiven people in the world. And when Christ returns for the great wedding, no matter what the Church has done by then, he will marry her.

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