A collection of educational and inspirational videos. Click here for a fuller list.

My latest video, an old project that’s been a long time in the making. 

A look at how we sometimes face our demons.

The evolution of the Roman heavy infantryman from the dawn of Rome.

An animated look at Germany’s road to WW2.

How to cook a simple, tasty pasta in under 20 minutes. Good for starving students.

A look at how Paul explained the meaning of Christian freedom to the Galatian Church.

A look at the Christmas story through Mary’s eyes:

A look at how one of the most recognised male names travelled all around the world.

A look at who the enigmatic Byzantines were.

A look at why the Middle Ages were ‘middle.’

How to draw a Janissary.

A look at how the feudal system in Europe gave way to the Renaissance.

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