crossing the river

The Lord calls us to go the whole way with Him, to walk with Him. Enoch walked with God, and in fact walked so close to Him, went so far with Him that the Bible implies he didn’t have to go through death, God simply took him away (Gen 5:24).

But then there’s a lot of instances however of people called by God to walk with Him, but who only went halfway through. Terah was probably one such person; he set out from Ur of the Chaldeans to make his way to Canaan, the destination that Abraham would eventually reach, but he only made it as far as Haran. The Bible seems to imply that God had in fact called Terah to make the journey his son would eventually make, but the father of the patriarch did not walk with God all the way. He settled for Haran and stayed there, unable to attain the inheritance and surrounded by pagans till his death. (Gen 11:31) Continue reading “crossing the river”

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