on our right to eternity

I’d been having trouble figuring out why exactly Christ’s sacrifice entitled us to oneness with God and eternal life.

I understood the concept and system and logic behind penal substitutionary atonement, double imputational justification, sacrifice, temple/tabernacle mechanics, etc., but it still escaped me why we should be allowed to come to God once sin was dealt with. Why does the removal of sin automatically place us with God? Why do we deserve to rise from the grave just because God raised Christ from the grave? Continue reading “on our right to eternity”

battle hymn

Son of God with flint-like eyes
Falter not though men despise.
Son of God, march to the fray
And may the King grant you this day.

on the sun

A friend of mine was telling me a while ago about the sacraments: The obvious ones are the communion, the many sacrifices outlined in the latter half of Exodus. There are also less obvious ones, he said, such as the rainbow: It is a weapon of war (wrath) that is strangely pointed toward its wielder, prophetic of God’s atoning self sacrifice.

At that moment I was convinced, but less so now. Still, it was interesting. How about the sun? Continue reading “on the sun”

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