on idolatry

It’s easy for me to scoff at those heathens with their little pinwheels, flocking to worship at Che Kung’s temple. Does such idolatry actually remain in this age? Yes it is easy to scoff, I am a man of Christ and a son of the King.

Yet I regularly offer my body in worship to Eros and Pornographia. My mind is often given to the god Ego, yes I am quite the devotee to him. My eyes worship the goddesses Masthos and Skeles on a daily basis. Continue reading “on idolatry”

substitutionary atonement and other things

Yesterday, church community did not feel so good. Felt a bit dead, clique-y. Granted, church is more than hanging out, but when that’s missing, something’s wrong. But then that church community is usually up and down. Work with what you have.


The way people view you is no reflection of your real worth;

Granted, but if everyone is agreed you’re an asshole, something’s wrong.

Being brave is to do what you don’t want to do because it has to be done;

Granted , but that doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble. Continue reading “substitutionary atonement and other things”

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